We combine the experience of sound (Nada) and dance (Natya) both on an individual and on a collective basis. This is an explorative yoga practice rooted in music and dance.
Nada refers to sound (pure music) and Natya (dance dramaturgy) and are the focal points of this Nada-Natya-Yoga course.
Nada: In Nada Yoga we dive deep into the sound of our own voice. We develop full concentration for its sound and vibration.
Natya: In Natya Yoga expressive dancing expands to include the silent expression of words by means of gesture and body language aligned with music and rhythm.
Nada and Natya will take an individual as as well as a collective approach. Though these two disciplines are different in theory and practice, they are in fact complementary and convecorge into ONE – DIVINITY

– OM – Nada awakening
– Yoga asanas
– Nada Natya Yoga – Theory and practice
Awakening Brahman
– Voice culture, mantra singing and improvisation
– Movements in rhythm
– Composition and choreography
– Relaxing and recalling exercises

Beginn 27.06.2019, 18:30
Ende 30.06.2019, 13:30

Impulse für Ihren weiteren Weg
Sound and dance (Nada and Natya) can be implemented in various ways in your life. It is not merely a form of singing and dancing, it is a philosophy. Spiritually and mentally, people can enhance work performance, commit to lifestyle changes, think differently and boost concentration. It also helps increase inner peace and bon with the inner soul.

No previous Yoga knowledge required

Ort Lassalle-Haus Bad Schönbrunn CH-6313 Edlibach
Zielpublikum Individuals interested in Yoga, singers, dancers, artists, voice therapist, yoga teachers and meditation groups People who want to explore the experience of music and dance based on yoga tradition.
Referent/innen, Mitwirkende Amit Sharma
Leitung Saju George SJ
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