Mindful Yoga Weekend Retreat

Recharge your batteries with mindful yoga, breathing, meditation and relaxation exercises. Embark on an inward journey that will strengthen your body, calm down your mind and inspire your whole being.
This course offers a unique opportunity for busy professionals and everybody else who feels the need for a break, to step out of our many commitments and recharge our batteries.
Gentle yoga exercises will encourage you to get grounded within your body. Mindful breathing practices will reconnect you to your life force within. Meditation and relaxation exercises will enable you to calm yourself down and to reduce stress.
Further to this, through short thematic input we’ll be interweaving the ancient wisdom of yoga philosophy with modern-day scientific findings. Together, we are going to embark on an inward journey that will strengthen our bodies and calm down our minds. Easy to learn and yet effective yoga and mindfulness exercises will enable us to gain inner clarity, inspiration and joy, and encourage us to reconnect with the most authentic version of ourselves. Throughout the day, there will also be time to pause, discuss, reflect and relax.

Mindful yoga and breathing exercises. Easy to learn but effective meditation and relaxation techniques. Inspiring input on yoga philosophy and modern-day scientific findings.

Beginn 22.11.2019, 18:30
Ende 24.11.2019, 13:30

Impulse für Ihren weiteren Weg
Mindful yoga strengthens our physical and emotional well-being and helps us to recharge and restore. By joining this course, you will able to reduce stress and find space in your body, mind and life.

This course is open for everybody who is open-minded and ready to embark on an inward journey through yoga, breathing, meditation and relaxation. No prior knowledge of yoga or meditation is required.

Ort Lassalle-Haus Bad Schönbrunn CH-6313 Edlibach
Kontakt-E-Mail info@lassalle-haus.org
Veranstaltungs-Link https://www.lassalle-haus.org/kursdetails/mindful-yoga-weekend-retreat-2019Y13.html#251861
Zielpublikum Busy professionals, parents who have to balance professional and family duties and everybody else who feels the need for a break. This course will be taught in English.
Referent/innen, Mitwirkende
Leitung Gerda Imhof
Kosten CHF 230.00 zzgl. Pensionskosten
Anmeldungs-E-Mail info@lassalle-haus.org